Series DL02Y
Smallest dripless coupling available worldwide!
DL02Y Couplers
DL02Y Plugs
Target Market: Series DL02Y is a scaled version of our series DL04Y. This series is suitable specifically for fuel transfer quick connect applications in the UAV industry. DL EnduroLink is the best choice for extreme temperature fuel applications when vibration and dusty conditions are unavoidable.
Interchangeability: Non-interchangeable with any other brands. Any single series DL02Y coupler can connect to any single series DL02Y plug regardless of valve configuration.
Working Pressure: 28 inch/vac to 150 psi.     Temperature Range: To Be Determined
Media Compatibility: Designed specifically for fuel and compressed air transfer, including Mogas, Avgas, Diesel and JP8.
Nominal Flow Range: Series DL02Y offers a nominal flow diameter of .097”. This flow may be reduced depending on end connect choice.
End Connect Options: We have proven experience in producing specific custom end-connects to meet any requirement with a fast turn-around time. Pricing is usually not affected when a special end connect is required to fit our EnduroLink series into a small or geometrically challenging space.