Other Products + Projects
We are in the business of problem solving through innovative experimental design primarily within the UAV industry. The compelling aspect of this service is that it is always done without cost or obligation from initial design concepts including solid models, right through to shipping functioning prototypes to our customers for testing. We are usually working on several new product solutions at any one time and put a great deal of resources toward these designs. If you have pressing technical issues you are working on, you simply can't lose in approaching us to see if we can solve your problem.

There is a good chance we have already worked on a similar technical problem to one you are presently facing. In many cases, our solutions end up exclusive to one specific UAV manufacturer and we are unable to offer these products to any other firm. In some cases solutions could be modified to suit another UAV manufacturer enabling us to remain compliant with our existing exclusive agreements. We will not however, jeopardize any agreement we have in place with any firm regardless of the potential new business. We make every effort to ensure we are following the intent of our customer's proprietary wishes.

The product groups we have successfully completed include:
  1. Fixed Payload Mounts
  2. Servo Savers (mechanical miniature clutches)
  3. Unique and custom "AN" fitting configurations
  4. Ground Station de-aerators for engine oil preparation
  5. Exact fill level-control inlet fittings for fuel and oil
  6. Ultra low pressure relief valves for fuel and oil
  7. Build to print solutions (fast delivery and zero cost prototypes)
The product groups nearing completion include:
  1. Break-away couplings (Self-Sealing Frangible Fuel line Fittings)
  2. Retractable Payload Mount (ultra-light weight with minimal camera vibration possible)
  3. Hyper "G" hard shell collapsible airless fuel tank including automatic PosiFuel feature.
  4. Fuel Bladders
If you are interested in any of the product groups mentioned above, or products not included in the suggested groups please fill in the following form and put us to the test. Find out why we have become a critical partner to the leading mid to small sized UAV manufacturing firms of today.